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Graphic monitoring

In a concern of quality, in addition to guaranteeing you a project that is both attractive and efficient, it is necessary for us to spend time looking for graphic innovations.

Your logo

A rallying point for your visual identity.

It allows you to visualize, in an immediate way, your business. You will be offered three different logos. Once you have chosen, we will start the setting up. Your logo will be delivered in the following formats: eps (RGB/CMJN), pdf, jpeg and png.

Graphic charter

What's that again? Don't panic, we got this!

It is the document that contains all the fundamental rules regarding the use of the graphic signs that make up the visual identity of your company.


It has two aims: 

1. It allows to maintain consistency and coherence in your communication, no matter who is going to carry on the creation of your next graphic creations.

2. If consistency and coherence are respected, it will allow your audience to quickly identify you and to visually find their way through the different graphic realizations.       


What is included in the graphic charter (adjustable according to your needs):

- Color coding

- Typography

- Business card in 3 copies (delivered in pdf format).

- Writing paper(delivered in pdf format).

- E-signature.

- Quote template (delivered in InDesign format).

- Folder (delivered in pdf format).

- Car/ truck lettering

- Anything you need

Project management

This includes setting up appointments, email and/or telephone exchanges, business trips and the internal organization related to your project.

voiture creatib.webp

The graphic identity is the best way for a company to communicate


Its mission representing its reason for being

What about your identity ?

relax, we'll take care of it!

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