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Professional photos & videos

Did you know that photo-enhanced content increases visibility by 94% and is 40 times more shared?  So why leave things to fate?  Here are 3 reasons to use a professional photographer rather than an amateur to increase the impact of your "visuals" !

Show how professional you are

You know how important it is to present your team in order to show, from the outset, the human side of your business and to make you more accessible.

But if you go so far in the approach, why spoil everything by badly framed, badly lit and badly edited photos?


Instead, choose a photo of professional quality. It will reflect your seriousness and your commitment.


Adapt your pictures to your company’s DNA

If you want to offer your team a professional photo for your website (and of course for their Linkedin profile picture), why not take advantage of it and reflect your world?

A professional photographer will help you portray your identity.

Do your customers expect creativity from you? Show them that you are creative!

They expect you to be a field person? Show them that you are on the ground!

Share your world

Want to make yourself noticed? Make people talk about you, show that your company is alive, show what you do, what's going on! Internally as well as externally.

Show why it's great to work with you, in your company and why you can be trusted.

Photo reports made by professionals will allow you to share your achievements (building site, campaigns, products, ...) and your events (product launches, team-building, staff parties, ...), or even simply share what a typical day in the heart of your business  looks like! With each time that little "extra" that comes out of well-framed and well-edited photos and that makes all the difference.

Drone CREATIB.png
Image de Jason Leung

Show how professional you are

with a photo of you, your collaborators, your company, your products, your works and achievements!

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