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A visitor who leaves your site without leaving you his/her email address is a visitor that you have lost.

Building up a database of email addresses and regularly sending out a newsletter is a strategy that should not be neglected to generate more traffic on your website or to simply keep your customers informed. Several of our customers have already opted for our professional solutions in terms of high-deliverability emailing strategy.

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All consumers do have an email address.

It has become the nerve center of each of our accounts and subscriptions. Ubiquitous, even someone relocating will keep it! It is the most reliable way to stay in touch.

Stay relaxed.

CREATIB takes care of your new ultra efficient communication lever all the way from A to Z. 

1. To begin with, we will check if there is a space on your website dedicated to the "harvesting" of your customers' and visitors' email addresses.  If there is none, we can add it.  

2. We will create you an account and import all the customer data into it. 
Depending on the information we will find in your database, we will be able to be more and more precise about the target of each emailing (gender, age, geographical location, ...). Targeted emailing will respond more precisely to a target audience and will translate into a higher conversion of your marketing objectives (more visits on my website or social networks, more purchase actions, etc.).  

3. We layout your emailing by one shot or also by weekly or monthly subscription.  

4. We send you a monthly report of the opening statistics of your emails.

Which geographical area was the most receptive, how many openings, how many clicks and where?

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Finally, unlike other channels, SMS is 100% mobile, which means that it can be read quickly and almost instantaneously (within 10 minutes). Add to that the 13 million active phones for the 11 million users in Belgium and you get an idea of the enormous potential of this channel.

SMS marketing is unquestionably one of the most powerful 2.0 communication tools on the market. 2018 figures can prove this, whether through the opening rate (98%), the storage rate (60%), the conversion rate (between 5 & 15%) or the reading speed (10 minutes after reception). SMS is establishing itself as a must-have for merchants and their strategy!

How to explain the success of SMS ?

As a matter of fact, the numbers are impressive. But how to explain its success within the different marketing channels today ?

Firstly, the SMS box is automatically set up on mobile phones, which at the same time generates default settling PUSH notifications that can optimize the message opening rate. The message will be, in any case, short and direct (SMS = Short Message Service) which implies a quick and immediate reading (160 characters) that won't bother the user for too long.

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